A year ago, running a cancer charity and chauffeuring children from place to place meant Kate Cunningham could scarcely bear to make eye contact with her pedometer. In a new blog looking at how one woman decided to make positive changes for her health, find out how messages around activity finally found their target in Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian.

Here is the next installment from Kate Cunningham’s ‘Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian’ series. If you missed the first episode you can access it here.

Getting on my feet

I started small if I’m honest. I wasn’t even impressing myself but the thought had found a resonance and I began making some meaningful changes. I travel to Edinburgh every week. To maximise efficiency (and heel height) I drive to the underground, park and ride to Queen Street Station. So I started taking the train from my local station to Glasgow Central and walking to Queen Street. In Edinburgh I walked as much as I could and if taxis were necessary I made the supreme sacrifice and had them drop me 10 minutes from my destination. I took paracetamol for my sore feet and saw my pedometer reach the giddy heights of 4000+ steps which I diligently noted in my diary.

The non-Edinburgh days looked at me hostile accusation. Still desk and car bound I was loath to go mad and therefore outdoors so I took to marching on the spot when I was standing. FYI this is great when you are cooking but less great when you are ironing and it’s the stuff of farce when you are reading a book! However when large amounts of writing loomed I took to relocating my laptop to a shelf in a bookcase and standing for the duration. No steps but standing is good too. Thrillingly this immediately improved the ongoing neck pain which has dogged me for many years and is clearly desk/ mouse/ phone related. I was on a roll.

– Kate Cunningham

Watch out for Kate’s next episode in two weeks time to see how she gets on……