Everyone said you have to write a blog… but I thought that with four newsletters, a constant flow of tweets, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook – that blogging might just be overkill for the SCPN communications.

So we have given it a go and our stats so far show that the site has been viewed 4,185 times by 2530 people since January 2015.  Although viewers have mostly been from the UK (80%), people from 55 countries have read one of more of the posts.These include people from USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand and as far afield as Panama, Ghana, Chile and Myanmar.


The top 3 blogs have been

  1. ‘Faecal Tests for Blood – Think FIT, not FOB!’ by Prof Callum Fraser (viewed 568 times)
  2. ‘What If?’ by Prof Annie S. Anderson (viewed 300 times)
  3. ‘Investigating Bowel Symptoms – Remember the Rule of Sixths’ by Prof Callum Fraser (viewed 254 times)

As a child, I was always considered nosey – asking big questions, little questions and all sort of questions that annoy adults. Some of my family just avoided me, but some liked to be asked things and had tales to tell. One night, my aunt decided to indulge me, and responded well to being asked about my grandmother. She told lots of stories about her work, how she coped with hardship on the farm, her baking, her favourite things and then how she died. Forty odd years on I don’t remember many of the details, but I do remember the nightmares I had when I thought about the details of how bowel cancer had killed her, and desperately wishing I hadn’t asked. – from ‘What if?

We have provided blogs for our four campaigns of the year

about a bike

We have also had guest bloggers to which we are extremely grateful

  • Prof Callum G. Fraser, Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention & Screening, University of Dundee
  • Debbie Provan, National AHP Lead for Cancer Rehabilitation and Macmillan TCAT Project
  • Professor Graham Ogden, School of Dentistry, University of Dundee
  • Prof Chris Oliver, University of Edinburgh


And in December a selection of SCPN friends told us what they thought their best paper on cancer prevention and screening was in 2015.

Thank you to readers for making the blogging worthwhile. Our aims are about raising awareness on how to decrease cancer risk and to be part of helping create healthy environments and healthy ways of life for all people. Please join us if you would like to be a part of our efforts, have something to say or would like to read a blog on any specific topics.

We look forward to a great blogging New Year in 2016!


Here’s tae us, whae’s like us?

– Professor Annie S. Anderson