The European Code Against Cancer site provides a clear message, a range of frequently asked questions and a link to the published evidence base on physical activity and cancer risk reduction. So if you plan to talk to folks about cancer prevention and the role of physical activity this is a perfect starting point.

For me, one very important question is:

Does the type of physical activity matter?

The answer – any type of physical activity and the more the better.

Cycling is one of many ways to be physically active and I have so enjoyed the #AboutaBike tweets, online info and guest blog it was inevitable that I would get on a bike and go for it! Much as I love short fast cycle rides, someone whispered that, if I was heading to Northern Italy on holiday in October, lookout for the 24km coastal bike route from Ospadetti to San Lorenzo … suitable for the slowest and fastest cyclists, all ages and all abilities.

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Bike hire in lots of spots from tandems to child size and carriages of various descriptions and easy to find from San Remo rail station (5 minutes’ walk heading seaward). Brilliant flat road, cycling passing villages, big blue skies, beaches, cycle friendly welcomes all with scents of jasmine and other late flowering plants. Sunshine and cafes and the friendliest of cyclists waving and laughing. Some cyclists added dogs, children and some had four drivers! The disused rail track is perfect cycling with tunnels (including a one mile tunnel museum with historic info on local races).

My favourite day of the holiday turning evidence into enjoyment!blog 1

Our website is growing with some examples of good cycle routes more locally – check it out and be sure to tweet #AboutaBike.

– Professor Annie S. Anderson